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About Us

Something about us from a little bit of different perspective

Cost reduction is a new mantra and challenge. A company can reduce its operational cost by 30% to 40% if it can put its logistics and transportation in place.

We are proud to state that we have been offering this customized service to companies like TELCO, MRF TYRES, MARUTI (PUNE). Bhandari Interstate Carriers Pvt Ltd. Has come to rescue for these companies in the field of inventory control, warehousing pilferage, the reducing distributional cost among value chain system and other co-related fields. It is a fact that we have been able to reduce the operational cost of our clients by 10% respectively.

What do we have?

  • Each and every truck driver has been provided a Walkie - Talkie to report to the nearest station about his whereabouts
  • Branch Offices have been connected through a WAN System owing to which the consignments particular are always under the purview of each and every branch office.
  • Strong IT and well developed M.I.S System.
  • Godowns for storage and a large fleet of vans for pickup and delivery.

What we can do?

In similar fashion to that of NRF, Telco we can assist you in

  • Reducing Pilferage
  • Minimize Handling
  • Timely Delivery
  • Continuation of productions
  • Reduced Supervision

Why Bhandari Interstate Carriers Pvt Ltd?

It makes modern business sense to out-source all professional needs from experts, retaining only core activities in house. A professional hand that sets right kinky demand and supply curves, not only adds more product-value to customers but also beefs up the coffers of vendors.






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